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About the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network


The Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network is network of over 80 farmers' markets throughout the Golden Horseshoe and Southern Ontario region, with a mandate is to increase economic growth and opportunity for local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture.

Started in 2005 by local food champion Anne Freeman and funded by the Greenbelt Foundation, the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network grew through many unique, exciting and impactful projects which can be viewed on our Data & Studies page. 

In 2018, leadership of the project was handed over to Daniel Taylor and Madeline Chambers, and became a project of Greenbelt Markets.

Bringing Markets Online during the Pandemic

With the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, farmers' markets throughout the region were faced with a new, unprecedented challenge: most Public Health departments would not allow them to operate as essential services. Through the support of the Greenbelt Foundation and in partnership with Local Line, Greenbelt Markets were able to bring over 50% of the Markets in the Network online, providing a vital lifeline for farmers who were suddenly unable to sell their products in the start of their typical Market season. 

Once online, Markets were able to not only support their regular customers, but provide a digital retail space for their farmers at no cost throughout 2020. Over $1 million in revenue was recorded through the project in the period in which Markets were forced to remain closed.

Market Support

The Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network currently provides support to the 80+ member markets through a shared Facebook group platform. Farmers Market Managers, Board of Directors, Farmers, and Vendors are encouraged to join. For more details and how to get involved, send us an email at

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