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Project Coordinator (Summer Position)


We’re looking for dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic individuals to help us implement local food planning and development projects across Toronto and the GTA this summer. Candidates should have a passion for local food, urban planning, public outreach or community development and thrive working outdoors just as much as behind a desk. Our work is all about engaging with the communities we work with, so strong in-person communication skills and comfort working with social media are a must. If you’re looking to join a fast-paced team, learn on the go with a “dive-right-in attitude” and want to see your work make an impact this summer, we encourage you to apply. 


The Project Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Project coordination and management support, assisting project managers with all aspects of project development, implementation and tracking key performance indicators

  • Providing weekly updates to management on project status and updating the timeline of the project accordingly 

  • Providing support to staff and project leads to ensure the successful rollout of the project.

  • Ensuring that the project is meeting its timeline requirements and assisting in developing strategies for troubleshooting any issues that may arise. 

  • Community outreach, volunteer recruitment and coordination.

  • Engaging with community members, project partners, community groups, local farmers, food producers and chefs. 

  • Regular website, newsletter and social media updates.

  • Primary and secondary research on topics such as demographics, sustainable development methods and processes and equitable community development.


**You will always have the option of working at home or at the Greenbelt Markets office regardless of current public restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Required Skills

  • Leadership: Your leadership skills include working in a team, demonstrating initiative, and taking responsibility for the completion of tasks that require multiple employees. Leadership refers to a number of skills, including communication, relationship building, the ability to delegate and traits such as honesty. 


  • Client service: You are able to communicate efficiently and professionally with clients while representing our company ideals. Clients are a big part of our work as a non-profit and maintaining a solid professional relationship is key.


  • Teamwork: You are able to work together with other team members in a professional and efficient way. You will be working in pairs or small and large groups to coordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solve conflicts and complete other activities that involve teamwork. 


  • Communication: You will be needed to exchange thoughts and information in a clear manner while working with other people. At Greenbelt Markets we use communication skills to reach out to customers, discuss products with suppliers, describe new procedures to co-workers, participate in virtual sales meetings with clients, and day to day tasks such as emails and customer communication at the market. 


  • Digital skills: You have a good understanding and use of digital systems, such as web development software (i.e. Wix, Mailchimp etc), social media platforms and point of sale technology. You can use digital technology skills to input, access, analyze, organize, create and communicate information.



  • Due to this position being funded by Canada Summer Jobs applicants must be 

    • between 15 and 30 years of age at the beginning of the employment period,

    • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act,

    • and have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada.

  • Post Secondary Education in related fields such as urban planning, event management, graphics and communications, social and community development.

  • Start Date: June 1, 2022 

  • Please note this is a temporary seasonal position with the possibility of renewal based on performance.


Greenbelt Markets values the diversity of the people we work with and the communities we serve. We strive to foster a workplace in which individuals and their experiences and ideas are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, personal beliefs, citizenship status or lived experiences.

Market Manager

The Leslieville Farmers' Market 


Founded in 2011, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market is one of the largest and liveliest community farmers’ markets in Toronto. Voted Best Farmers Market in NOW’s Readers Choice Award, the “LFM” has always operated on the theory that bringing by bringing our community together through food, drink, music and celebration can create great change. 


 as an independent not-for-profit community farmers market by a group of community members and local food advocates. Operating in Jonathan Ashbridge Park every Sunday, the LFM quickly became known as a community market with a focus on creating an inclusive, celebratory atmosphere with a focus on monthly community events - that sometimes resembled more of a festival than a farmers market. Over the course of the following 10 years, the LFM would grow to not only become one of the largest farmers' markets in Toronto by size but gain a reputation amongst local farmers, producers and creators for investing in the vendor experience. What helped the LFM grow so quickly was the hard work, dedication and passion of its market managers. 


Job Discription 

The Market Manager is the primary onsite supervisor and is responsible for coordinating and managing all the moving parts of the LFM. These include over 50 vendors including farmers, food producers, chefs and weekly guest vendors, weekly entertainers and performers, program partners and visiting not-for-profit organizations. They manage volunteers, 1 to 2 onsite support staff and are the primary contact for customers, members of the community and inquiries. The Market Manager is also responsible for supervising health and safety, attending to possible emergencies and setting up and tearing down market infrastructure. In short, a superhero. The role is best suited for a candidate that enjoys flexibility, independence and community spirit and is highly adaptable. 


While the market manager position is renowned for its hustle - especially on Sundays - the position comes with a few perks. Other than Sundays, market managers can work from wherever they choose at whatever hours as long as weekly objectives are met. They will be working directly with the Greenbelt Markets team both for support for their own work as well as gaining the opportunity to work on other Greenbelt Markets projects. The LFM market manager will receive regular performance reviews from Greenbelt Markets staff with the opportunity for raises every 3 months. The position also has ample networking opportunities and public visibility and is a great platform for career development. 




The LFM Market Manager will report directly to the designated Greenbelt Markets project manager.


Responsibilities include:



  • Setting up and tearing down the Market every Sunday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, enforcing and implementing the market's rules, regulations and protocols. 

  • Primary point of contact for Vendors, Customers and Members of the Community

  • Managing volunteers and working with support staff

  • Setting up PA systems, sound equipment and any other infrastructure performers and entertainers may need

  • Coordinating and supervising LFM-run programs or activities 

  • Working with Neighbourhood Food Hub/Greenbelt Markets staff on weekly activities and programs

  • Creating social media content as well as posting and managing incoming communications (with the support of Greenbelt Markets staff)

  • Attending to any emergencies, unexpected issues or challenges



  • Communication and relationship management with vendors, volunteers, staff and customers

  • Attending weekly meetings with Greenbelt Markets staff

  • Managing and posting social media content 

  • Marketing and promotions with support from Greenbelt Markets staff

  • Recruiting, onboarding and managing market volunteers 

  • Networking with new potential vendors and fielding incoming applications 

  • Developing and implementing specialized programs around food security, equity and accessibility in collaboration with LFM partners.  



  • Attendance at the LFM is mandatory with two non-consecutive Sundays off per season (including sick days). 

  • Candidates must be confident they can work an 8-hour day in variable inclement weather conditions (sun, rain, wind) and still maintain high levels of productivity and effectiveness. 

  • This is a demanding position but a fantastic opportunity for aspiring leaders looking for an opportunity to take on a highly visible and impactful job with a ton of opportunities for networking, creating connections, and forming relationships.


Greenbelt Markets values the diversity of the people we work with and the communities we serve. We strive to foster a workplace in which individuals and their experiences and ideas are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, personal beliefs, citizenship status or lived experiences.

Please send a cover letter and resume addressed to

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